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cheap parts are not the best option

When you are buying parts for your car, do you buy the cheapest that you can find? That is exactly what I did for years. When I installed new filters, I would choose the cheapest filter I could find and quickly put it in my car. After talking with my mechanic, I found that this was not the best practice when it comes to filters and many other parts. I created this blog to help others understand why the cheapest parts are not always the best parts for your car. Hopefully, you will make the same changes that I did to actually save yourself money in the long run.

Going The Last Mile: Safely Junking Your Old Car

3 December 2020
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Junking an old car is a great way to earn some cash while also getting rid of an old car that's taking up space on your property. Of course, staying safe is now more essential than ever before. Fortunately, getting rid of an old car in this way can often be much safer than traditional private party car sales. This article will explain how you can safely junk your old car, even if you're following strict social distancing. Read More …

Old Car With Serious Damages? Why You Should Junk It For Cash

10 June 2020
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When you have an older car it can sometimes feel like you're riding around in Old Faithful. You may have enjoyed the vehicle for several years and it might even be the first automobile you ever purchased. The car is a source of pride because with careful maintenance you've been able to keep it on the road for a very long time. However, one fateful day, you go to start up the car and the engine just won't turn over. Read More …