Going The Last Mile: Safely Junking Your Old Car

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Going The Last Mile: Safely Junking Your Old Car

3 December 2020
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Junking an old car is a great way to earn some cash while also getting rid of an old car that's taking up space on your property. Of course, staying safe is now more essential than ever before. Fortunately, getting rid of an old car in this way can often be much safer than traditional private party car sales. This article will explain how you can safely junk your old car, even if you're following strict social distancing.

Handle the Details Remotely

Many sellers choose to work with a junk car buyer because it's much more convenient than listing and selling a car through standard methods. Although you may lose out on a few dollars when compared to private party sales, you'll easily make up the difference by saving time and frustration. One of the best ways to realize these benefits is by handling most of the details by phone.

Junk car buyers typically do not need to see your vehicle in person before agreeing to a price. To get the most accurate value for your car, be sure to describe its condition as thoroughly as possible. You won't need to detail every dent and ding, but you should catalog any missing or removed parts. If your car was in an accident, explain the damage to the best of your ability.

In most cases, the salvage yard will provide a final offer by phone. Some yards may even offer online forms that allow you to receive an offer without ever having to talk to anyone. When you're trying to stay safe, these remote options can make all the difference.

Discuss Pick-up Protocols in Advance

You want to ensure a safe pick-up environment for yourself and the salvage yard's driver. Before scheduling your pick-up, discuss your arrangements with the yard. Many salvagers have modified their pick-up protocols to follow social distancing guidelines, allowing them to pick up your car and provide you with your money safely and efficiently.

If you are concerned about face-to-face contact, then always discuss your concerns with the salvage yards. Many junk buyers will provide entirely contactless pick-up, but they may require additional steps. You may need to leave certain documents in the car, for example, or accept your payment by phone or digitally.

Prepare Thoroughly

Finally, be sure that you're ready with everything you need before the driver arrives. If you've opted for a contactless pick-up method, then double-check that you've left all necessary documents (and the keys!) in a safe, secure, and accessible location. If crucial documents are missing, then you may have to reschedule your tow for another day.

Working with a junkyard may be one of the safest options for getting rid of an old car and putting some more money into your pocket. With a little planning, you can turn that rusted old car into a financial windfall. Talk to a junkyard that buys junk cars to learn more.