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cheap parts are not the best option

When you are buying parts for your car, do you buy the cheapest that you can find? That is exactly what I did for years. When I installed new filters, I would choose the cheapest filter I could find and quickly put it in my car. After talking with my mechanic, I found that this was not the best practice when it comes to filters and many other parts. I created this blog to help others understand why the cheapest parts are not always the best parts for your car. Hopefully, you will make the same changes that I did to actually save yourself money in the long run.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Aftermarket And Remanufactured Auto Parts

29 July 2015
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More consumers than ever are doing their own auto repairs—meaning that most do-it-yourselfers are buying used and aftermarket auto parts. What should a buyer know about the differences between aftermarket and OEM parts? Should you buy your own parts and take them to the repair shop to save money? Today, we will answer these questions and dispel some misconceptions on buying remanufactured and aftermarket parts, and we will offer some tips to ensure that you get the parts you need. Read More …

Three Reasons Why You Would Want To Buy Car Parts Online

27 July 2015
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With dozens of mechanic and auto body shops all over your area, you may wonder why you would ever want to buy car parts online. There are auto parts stores that specialize in just parts, too, so it seems out of place to buy parts off the internet. The truth is, if you do a little digging around, you will find that the parts you want have quite a vast pricing difference among mechanics and auto parts stores, compounded by the fact that retail merchandisers offer bigger discounts to attract your business. Read More …