How Do You Know When It's Time To Junk Your Car?

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How Do You Know When It's Time To Junk Your Car?

15 February 2017
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If you've been driving a used car for some time and want to purchase another one, someone might suggest junking your current car. However, you might be unsure whether that's the right move for you. The issues to consider are many, but in particular here are some you should be thinking about.

Frequent Repairs

As the owner of a used car, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you'll need repairs and body work done on a regular basis to keep it working. Even if you plan to get a newer vehicle, having a backup car on hand might be something you're interested in. However, it's important to realize that if your car always seems to be in the shop for one thing or another, it may not even be a suitable backup. Take a look at how much you've spent in repairs over the last few months; you might discover that the costs are adding up too much to keep the car around for any reason. Junking the car and getting some money for it might be a better option.

You Don't Have Anywhere to Keep It

If your used car is completely inoperable, you might have had it towed back to your house until you figure out what you want to do with it. You might be making plans to have it repaired in the future. However, what you need to know is that some cities and towns forbid storage of inoperable vehicles on your property unless they are stored in an enclosed building, such as Sacramento, California. You could be subject to any number of fines and problems if you ignore those guidelines in your own hometown. Therefore, junking your car may be something you want to think about.

Living in an apartment building can also be problematic if you want to keep your used car. In many apartment buildings, residents only have access to one or two parking spots. If your inoperable used car is sitting in one of those spots, neighbors could notice and report you to the building supervisor. You'll then have to remove the car from the premises. In that case junking your car is one of the only options available to you.

When you've had some time to think about the issues involved in junking your car, you may decide that's a good choice for your particular car. Look for companies that offer cash for cars and try to get the best deal possible. That way, you'll be rid of the car and make a tidy sum as well.