Things To Know About A Damaged Hydraulic Hose

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Things To Know About A Damaged Hydraulic Hose

6 February 2017
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Taking road trips in a vehicle that doesn't have a working air conditioning system can be unpleasant on hot days. If the air conditioner in your vehicle has stopped releasing cool air, it could mean that more coolant is needed for the system. However, the hydraulic hose might be damaged if there is already enough coolant in the system. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the things that could go wrong with the hydraulic hose to an air conditioning system.

1. There Are Numerous Cracks in the Hose

When there are cracks in a hydraulic hose, it allows fluid to seep out and affect how well the air conditioning system is able to operate. The main reason for cracks to develop in a hydraulic hose is from it being exposed to an excessive amount of heat. The heat can come from hot parts that are located near the hose. Keep in mind that some hydraulic hoses are able to withstand higher temperatures than others. You might want to replace the hose with one that has a higher tolerance for heat.

2. The Hose Has Become Swollen

It is possible that your hydraulic hose has stopped functioning as it should because it is swollen on the inside. You might notice the swelling on the exterior of the hose as well. Hydraulic hoses are able to swell up when a fluid is being used that they are not compatible with. Replace the hose and make sure the next one is compatible with the fluid that your vehicle uses.

3. The Exterior of the Hose Has Abrasions

There is a cover that must remain on the hydraulic hose in order to prevent abrasions. One of the ways that the hose cover can get removed is from rubbing against other components in your vehicle. In such a case, the hose might need to be routed further away from the components. Using the wrong type of fluid in your vehicle can also cause the hose to get abrasions, such as from getting too hot or having incompatible chemicals in it.

4. There Are Multiple Problems with the Hose

When there is more than one type of damage on a hydraulic hose, it might simply mean that is old. The best thing that you can do is get the hose replaced to see if your air conditioning system will begin producing cold air again. A mechanic will be able to inspect the hose on your behalf and suggest the most ideal replacement for your vehicle.

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