Things To Consider When Purchasing A Garage Door

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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Garage Door

21 January 2016
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Many elements are involved as a homeowner concerning which type of garage door is best for your home. It is an investment that will last for many years, so you want it to be attractive and improve the appearance of the property. You can choose from aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and vinyl. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but in essence, you want one that will be functional and blend nicely with your neighborhood.


Steel doors are more secure and stronger than other options, and can be purchased with wood grain patterns. You can have the look without the additional maintenance required of wood surfaces. It won't rust, crack, warp, or fall apart because of weather conditions. However, it is possible for steel to dent, which may be difficult to repair.

Aluminum and fiberglass doors are lightweight. Fiberglass is a great choice if you live in an ocean climate that can be hard on surfaces, but it is a poor insulator and can change color with age. Aluminum doors can also have wood-grain embossing and maintain a durable surface. Aluminum won't rust and is very durable.

Wooden doors are affordable but can crack as the wood expands, and will require regular maintenance. Some professionals suggest staining or painting the surfaces every few years, depending on its condition.

Exterior Options

Most manufacturers offer a wide range of options including windows or just a snap-on decorative frame, depending on whether you want a dark or light interior for the garage.

Door Springs: If you choose a door that has torsion springs, the door's weight can't break or fly off the way an extension spring can. The torsion spring will evenly distribute the weight of the door. Extension springs are cheaper and function as a type that can recoil and stretch at the sides of the garage door. Extension springs need to be protected by a containment kit, so if a spring does snap, it will protect you from serious injury.

Door Openers: Rugged motors have lifetime warranties and the following features:

  • Personal codes are programmed to operate the transmitter
  • The small transmitter fits easily on a key chain
  • The door cannot close and reverse to the open position if the light beam is broken by a child or the car with the use of photoelectric safety devices.

Ultimately, the choice is a matter of personal preference and climate conditions where the home is located. With today's competitive market, many products are available to choose from. It is always a good idea to shop around and compare quality with prices because once you make the choice, it will be an investment you can enjoy for many years. Contact a company like J & R Garage Door Company Inc. for more information.