About Transmission Problems & Getting A New One At A Discount

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About Transmission Problems & Getting A New One At A Discount

29 July 2015
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Has your car stopped allowing you to drive backwards? You are likely experiencing a problem with the transmission, as it must be in good shape in order for your gears to function as they should. Find out below about the problems a bad transmission can cause to a vehicle, as well as how you can get it replaced on a low budget by visiting a salvage yard.

What Makes the Transmission Important to a Vehicle?

The transmission is actually the main part that a car needs to move. Your gears are able to receive power from the engine through the transmission. If the transmission is not fully functional, it can cause one or multiple gears to stop working, which is why you cannot drive backwards. You must get the problem repaired before you end up with a vehicle that doesn't move at all.

The worst thing about transmission problems is that it is one of the most expensive repairs for a vehicle. If you have a foreign car, the expenses will be even higher because the part will have to be ordered. It costs a lot to ship foreign car parts overseas. The best way to go about replacing your bad transmission if you don't want to spend too much money is visiting a salvage yard.

Why Should a Transmission Be Purchased at a Salvage Yard?

Salvage yards are ideal for replacing expensive car parts because you can get a good deal, as the transmission will be used. Just because a transmission is used doesn't mean that it is not in good shape. Many of the cars stored in salvage yards are ones that have been involved in collisions. Some of the parts in the vehicles are not that old and can still be used for many years to come. The only thing of concern about shopping in a salvage yard is that you may not always find a vehicle with a transmission that is compatible with your car, but it's worth taking a look.

You will save money by shopping at a salvage yard because getting a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission can cost as much as $6,000 or more. You are only looking to spend an estimate between $200 and $600 plus if you opt for a used transmission at a salvage yard. Visit a salvage yard, such as Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc, as soon as possible so you can get your car repaired without getting into a financial bind!