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cheap parts are not the best option

When you are buying parts for your car, do you buy the cheapest that you can find? That is exactly what I did for years. When I installed new filters, I would choose the cheapest filter I could find and quickly put it in my car. After talking with my mechanic, I found that this was not the best practice when it comes to filters and many other parts. I created this blog to help others understand why the cheapest parts are not always the best parts for your car. Hopefully, you will make the same changes that I did to actually save yourself money in the long run.

Understanding Brake Parts: A Comprehensive Guide For Vehicle Owners

5 July 2023
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The brake parts in a vehicle play a key role in maintaining safety and control while driving. But do you know what parts go into your car's brake system? The more you know, the better you can keep your vehicle maintained and braking safely.  Brake Pads: The Friction Agents  Brake pads are one of the key components of a braking system. They provide the necessary friction against the brake rotors to generate the stopping force. Read More …

What You Need To Know When Buying Used Auto Parts For Your Vehicle

1 March 2023
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The used auto parts industry has been around for many years but is thriving as recycling and reuse becomes a priority for more people. Buying used auto parts is a great way to save some money when you need to replace something expensive on your vehicle, but there are some things to consider before you purchase the parts for your car or truck. Used Auto Parts   Buying used auto parts that are in good shape and you can use to make repairs on your vehicle is not overly difficult. Read More …